Fox CTD DPS Volume Spacer / Tokens


Priced as per each single item.




PLEASE NOTE: These are sold as singles as you can only ever fit one inside the air can, this will save having to buy a set of 5, thus saving you money !

F*X on the other hand only sell in packs of 5 !

Fox CTD DPS Volume Spacers aftermarket equivalent to Fox PN 803-01-250 for 9mm shaft – ****Please read below and see the 3rd photograph if you have a CTD Shock****

Volume spacers will increase the spring curve of your rear shock making it stiffer at the end of the stroke.
The increased spring curve will help prevent progressing through the travel too quickly and the shock bottoming out.
These parts are 3d printed from a high quality chemical and oil resistant polymer – PETG, which is used for drinks bottles, chemical containers, fuel tanks etc. We do not use PLA in any of our 3d printed products.
These volume spacers are available in 5 sizes the largest is at the top of the list:
Size 5 Largest – 0.95in3 equivalent to Fox pn 233-00-354 (Cannot be fitted to older CTD Shocks see 3rd picture and paragraph below)
Size 4 – 0.8in3 equivalent to Fox pn 233-00-353 (Cannot be fitted to older CTD Shocks see 3rd picture and paragraph below)
Size 3 – 0.6in3 equivalent to Fox pn 233-00-352
Size 2 – 0.4in3 equivalent to Fox pn 233-00-351
Size 1 – 0.2in3 equivalent to Fox pn 233-00-350
If you have a CTD rear shock and the eyelet measures 46mm in diameter on the thinnest part of the eyelet then sizes 5 and 4 will not fit however sizes 1, 2 and 3 will. Later shocks have a bigger eyelet casting.