DU eyelet bush insertion & removal tool


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Profin DU Bush Tool

Key Points

  • A high quality CNC machined DU bush tool made in the U.K. – vice operated.

  • Suitable for professional workshops and the home mechanic alike.

  • Compatible with 1/2″ (12.7mm) shocks which includes Fox, Rockshox (post 2010), DVO, X Fusion and some Cane Creek shocks (1/2″ inline shocks only).

  • Hard anodised to increase tool life, capable of removing thousands of DU bushes without deforming.

  • Tool include a protective acetal cap to allow use in a vice without soft jaws

  • Very fast and accurate to use, far quicker and more accurate than bolt operated tools.

Why is this tool different to any others on the market?

The main tool itself is made from a high quality aluminium alloy and is hard anodised for increased service life. Most soft alloy DU bushing tools deform very quickly and can result in difficulty removing the old DU bush from the tool, incorrect setting of the new DU bush and even damage to the shock eyelet.

These difficulties and in addition to the time lost (ultimately expense for the workshop), when after a relatively short period of time the mechanic will find themselves frustrated trying to remove the old bush from a jammed tool.

We decided to come up with our own solution and we had 3 aims:

  1. That the tool be tough enough for continual use within a professional workshop environment, giving many years of service like without wearing or deforming.
  2. That changing bushes with the tool would be a fast process and not hinder a professional mechanic dealing with numerous shock services every day.
  3. That the tool would be cost effective enough for the home mechanic.

The dimensions of this tool are particular to this tool alone and are as a result of extensive product testing/revisions prior to it’s release to ensure ease of use, accuracy and efficiency.

Real World Testing.

Ineffective tooling results in significant time costs at a workshop –  for us this was the main motivation for designing our own range of tools. We have tested this tool to the extreme. This tool is capable of removing and refitting thousands of DU bushings without becoming damaged.

Although it is recommended that soft jaws are used with any vice operated bush tool, the Profin DU bush tool also includes a protective polymer cap so that it may be used without soft jaws and will protect the tapered end of the tool from damage by over enthusiastic tightening of the vice.

What if I don’t have a vice?

Those without a vice can purchase DU bushing tool from Rockshox. It is perfectly adequate, but is much more time consuming to use that the Profin DU Bush tool. As the tool rotates on a threaded shaft it is easier to damage to damage the old and new bushings if the user is inexperienced. In all cases either with a Bicycle Industry Professional or a home mechanic a vice operated DU bush tool is preferable.

Removing the old bushing. Tapered end of the tool facing in.

Bush fitting

Fitting the new bushing with soft jaws in the vice, tapered end pointing outwards. If soft jaws are not available use the protective polymer cap.

Bush Fitting

Fitting the new bushing when soft jaws are not available. The tapered end of the tool is still facing outwards but the polymer cap is used to protect the tool from coming into contact with the vice. Tighten the vice slowly and gently until it comes to a stop. The bush will be perfectly central and you do not need to tighten the vice beyond this point.

Bush Fitting