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Tractive Valve Tuning System - Rockshox Monarch Plus & Super Deluxe Air/Coil

Vorsprung Tractive

Simply put, the Tractive Tune is centred around our proprietary valving calculation software that achieves a customised damper characteristic based on rider weight, frame geometry, terrain and riding style.

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Features and Benefits: 

• Improved support, compliance, traction.
• Superior stability and predictability
• Upgraded compression base valve assembly with triple circuit technology
• More usable 3-position compression adjuster with evenly spaced settings
• Pressure-balanced valving to provide sensitivity and support without cavitation
• Low friction Acetal IFP to replace the stock metal IFP which scores the reservoir bore

• Custom Tractive Valve Tuning System tune selection for each rider based on frame, weight, terrain, aggression and preference
• Customised rebound valving to replace the stock rebound shim stack (which is non-functional in the Monarch Plus)
• Nitrogen charged via low-profile reservoir end cap
• Internal alterations to reduce the typical knocking during direction changes
• Recommendations on spring pressure and volume spacer alterations if necessary.

Compatibility Tractive

Monarch Plus RNot Compatible
Monarch Plus RC32014+
Super Deluxe Air / Coil RNot Compatible
Super Deluxe Air / Coil RC/RC3/ RCT/ RTR

2017-2021 – Compatible, provided there is a compression adjustment and/or lockout lever (not compatible if there is no LSC adjuster or lockout lever)

2022 – Compatible, provided there is no Hotdog piston (need to check serial number on Sram’s B2B)

2023 – Coming Soon
Cascade LinksCompatible