Yes we do EXT now ! 

In fact we are the Official Irish distributor & service centre for EXT. 

We are soon to receive a small shipment of V2 ERA fork’s in 150mm, 160mm & 170mm travel as well as Storia & E-Storia shocks in sizes to fit Pivot Firebirds 205 x 65mm trunnion mount,  Santa Cruz Mega Tower 230 x 57.5,    Yeti SB150 in size 230 x 60 and lastly the popular size of 230 x 65mm.   

Also coming are the super light & super accurate V2 springs for the aforementioned sizes of shocks in weights from 350lbs to 600lbs in 25lbs increments. 

We also have stainless steel bush kits / mounting hardware in 6mm,8mm, & 10mm internal bore in most of the popular widths, probably already the widest range in Ireland.  

The above are on a first come first served basis and outside of the stock we have coming there is currently a 6 week lead time on most items as everything is hand made to order !

For more info please contact myself directly on 087 7159459, kind regards Richie

Parcel (shock & fork together)   up to 5kg   €20.00   Single shock  €17.50    An Post trackable on-line, next day delivery with insurance,  signature required.

* For all other package sizes/weights please call for best rates.

* For customers within local areas/counties we may be able to arrange a local pickup to save on postage, please contact us for details.

We accept bank transfer as the primary method and Paypay as the secondary method – please call or email for details.

We currently service Fox, RockShox, DVO, Marzocchi, Manitou and have just taken on EXT as the official irish service centre.  In addition we are also the official Tuning Partner for Vorsprung Suspension and WPS Performance Suspension from the UK.

If there are brands that you would like us to service please let us know and we will see what we can do.

We want to be as transparent as possible as to exactly what we do to your fork or shock so you know the care and effort we give in servicing your suspension components, they are as follow………….


* Notes taken of customers air pressure and damper settings.

* Full external clean and de-grease and visual evaluation for any signs of external wear and tear.

* Full removal of lower legs and full strip down of air spring/coil spring side and damper.

* Bushings in lower casting checked for alignment and concentricity and burnished as needed to bring to within manufacturers specification using our custom made precision bush burnishing tool set.

* Faces of dropouts are precision faced using our custom made precision facing tool to ensure your dropouts are exactly to the 100/110mm as the manufacturer had intended, this normally means simply removing excess paint.

* Internal de-grease of lower casting and stanchions.

* Internal inspection for any signs of wear and tear.

* Spring side and damper side re-built with genuine factory spec rebuild kits/greases & air fluids.

* A friction reducing additive is added to damping oil for a reduction in sliding friction.

* Sealed dampers are vacuum bled to ensure no trapped air is present and to ensure consistent damping.

* New factory spec dust wipers installed or low friction SKF green coloured wipers, or Racing Bros. low friction wipers depending on availability, please let us know which you would prefer.   

* Positive air spring pressurised and negative air spring equalised, and  damper settings adjusted to customers original settings.

* Fork checked for correct function.

* Final clean and polish with isopropyl alcohol.

* Next service due date sticker applied to back of fork crown.

* All old parts including wiper seals, O rings, quad rings, glide rings etc. are sent back so you know exactly what has been replaced as part of a full service.

* Comprehensive service report sheet included with all your own air pressure settings and damper settings, we also show any addition work done or parts replaced.

* Safely packed up ready to be shipped back to customer.


* Notes taken of air pressure and damper settings

* Full external clean and de-grease and visual evaluation for any signs of wear and tear

* Removal of air can and inspection for signs of wear and tear

* Damper striped down, cleaned and rebuilt with factory spec rebuild kits/greases and oils.

* Damper is then machine vacuum bled to ensure no air is present and to ensure consistent damping, most in-line dampers will be manually bled. 

* IFP is set to correct depth and IFP chamber set with correct air pressure, or nitrogen if available, as per factory spec.

* Eyelet bushings replaced with genuine factory spec items, If eyelet pivot pins are worn there is an up-charge for these, we have heavy duty stainless steel in most sizes and lightweight alloy available in a small selection of sizes.

* Air can pressure set and negative chamber equalised and damper settings re-set as per customer settings

* Hand dyno (shock tester) tested in all damper settings to verify successful rebuild and to equalise positive/negative air pressures, we do this so you don’t have to, you just bolt it back on and go ride ! 

* Lastly we test for air tightness in a water bath

* Final clean and polish with isopropyl alcohol

* Next service due date sticker applied to air can/shock body

* All old parts including wiper seals, O rings, quad rings, glide rings etc. are sent back with your shock so you know exactly what we have replaced as part of the full service.

* Safely packed up ready to be shipped back to you.

** If any additional parts are needed customer will be notified at time of component evaluation with regard to cost and any lead times.

Depending on what brand and model you have, location of serial number can vary. Please see pictures of where you most likely find it, if in doubt please drop us a line or text a picture over or give us a quick phone call.

fox fork shock model number model number rear shock reockshox RockShox fork


We aim to complete jobs within 48hrs or sooner unless there are additional parts needed we have to order in, please keep in mind if couriers dont deliver to us until very late in the day it can prolong service times.

We offer a 3 month guarantee on faulty materials and workmanship.

Please note:  Swing-arm bushings/bearings on your frame are to be in excellent or as new condition as any wear associated with side loading of shocks due to worn or loose swing-arm bushings or bearings will not be covered by the guarantee.

In short, yes we do for some makes, these include EXT, Rockshox, FOX & Marzocch, please contact us for further details.

Yes please, we welcome any constructive feedback you may have regardless of what it is, please drop us an email or even a quick call if you prefer.

We do now, although this is a “work in progress” we hope to have more items added to the webshop in the upcoming months to complement existing items such as eyelet bushes, bushing pin kits, volume spacers, lubes etc. 

We will have a presence at some Enduro, Grassroots / DH races throughout the Summer, although this will be mainly to give people the opportunity to come and see what we have to offer, to say hi and discuss their needs.

Great question, for starters we allways try to re-cycle or re-use any cardboard boxes we receive and whenever possible and will use either packing tape made from recycled materials or “eco friendly” paper based brown packing tapes.

Cleaning products are natural and/or bio-degradable whenever possible and hydraulic fluids are safely disposed of at our local council run recycling centre as are plastic and metal parts.

We can forward a quick video clip of part of the service procedure and/or a quick photo or two if required, in addition we send back all seals, O rings, quad rings, glide rings, DU bushes and dust wipers etc. just so you know exactly what has been replaced. If you would rather not have back your worn parts please let us know at time of booking and we will recycle them.

In short these are ordered as per customers requirements due to numerous versions and models its almost impossible to stock what people require, however, most items are only a few days away so please ask for delivery times and costings.

Absolutely YES !    All that we request is that if a fork or a shock needs dropping in to please use the on-line booking form first, you will then receive a booking confirmation email with our full postage address and Eircode,   then let us know when you would like to call !  

Richie has spent most of his late teenage years and twenties as a mechanic in a number of specialist bike shops in the U.K.

Having raced DH in the UK and Enduro in Ireland with very average results Richie has always strived for better suspension performance in one way or another and with an unhealthy interest in all things mtb suspension related decided to start  rhsuspension.ie

In recent months he has achieved a level 3 qualification in suspension maintenance with Cytec who are the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians,  has had in-house tech training with EXT Racing Shox in Italy, and FOX Racing Shox in the UK.   In addition web based tech training with both Vorsprung Suspension in Canada & WPS Performance Suspension in the UK.

As much as we would love to be able to supply our customers with the settings for all brands, versions and model years there are literally hundreds of different options available and as frames have different leverage rations with starting and ending stroke ratios that makes it almost impossible for us to advise you, at this point we would refer you to your owners manual or the fork/shock/frame manufacturers tech documents.

Please note:  remember to use a good quality accurate shock pump when using manufacturers psi settings as this can have an effect on performance as damper settings are in direct relation to the recommended air pressures for each rider weight, so if air pressures are wrong so will your damper settings.           If in doubt about your pump’s accuracy please use the sag % percenttage reccomended by your suspension manufacturer,   as this sometimes can be more accurate. 

We most certainly believe you will.  Although this depends on the condition of your fork or shock prior to servicing.  You should notice a smoother action and better small bump sensitivity in the fork due to a decrease in static and dynamic friction, as we always use new dust wipers, new seals throughout, fresh oil and importantly we size the forks bushes by burnishing them to the correct manufactures tolerances. This allows better lubrication and again less friction and better sensitivity.  We also clean-up the inside faces of the dropouts to ensure your fork is exactly 100mm or 110mm as the manufacturer had intended, this normally involves simply removing excess paint which will help to better align the forks sliding surfaces, thus creating a smoother action and less friction.  If the damper has been compromised you should also notice that your adjusters will now have an effect once again and bump control will be back to normal. 

Rear shocks on the otherhand over time can lose gas pressure behind the ifp (internal floating piston) whether in an external reservoir or in an in-line shock causing aeration of the oil which will be very noticeable as its causes a “wooshing” sound when compressed. This can give the impression that there is little to no damping in the compression and rebound stroke, this is sometimes the cause of lockouts no longer working. Once serviced you should notice a firmer feel on the trail with more support and far less of a “bouncy” feel, plus your adjusters will make a noticeable difference in use.  Lastly, because eyelet bushes and bush pins are sometimes installed dry on the assembly line we always use a light PTFE based lube when installing new ones, again for less friction.