FOX DVO Manitou 12.7mm polymer eyelet bushes x 2


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FOX shock eyelet polymer DU bushes manufactured in Germany by IGUS,  FOX code 213-01-263

These will fit anything with a 12.7mm eyelet such as FOX, Rockshox, DVO, Manitou, etc etc. for 5 piece mounting kits, if unsure please ask and I will be happy to help.
Prices are for 1 pair of bushes,  therefore, if you need enough for both eyelets you will need 2 pairs in total as there are 1 pair per eyelet, that’s 4 single bushes for one shock.
The old worn ones can be removed simply by gently tapping out with a punch, and new ones will go in simply by pressing in with your thumb, no need to grease the eyelet beforehand but a dry lube can be used on the pin prior to inserting into bushings if desired, but not crucial.