Podium Piston Kits - Fox X2 / DHX2 '21+, Rockshox Super Delux air/coil 2023, fox vanilla rc / Marzocchi Bomber cr

WPS - Podium Piston Kit - Fox X2

Podium Piston Kits – more flow, more performance!

High flow pistons and shim tuning kit to give you more grip, more control and ultimately, faster segments!

CNC’d from aerospace grade aluminium and hard anodised piston, along with high grade valving shims. These pistons replace both the standard dynamic and base valve pistons.

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As standard, very little flow goes through the base valve, with the shock acting more like a single tube shock. Our pistons and valving tunes allow for more flow through the base valve, for better damping support with less harshness, and more oil recirculation to keep temperatures down. Also, the HSC adjuster becomes much more effective. This all adds up to better grip, more stability and more consistency. With the ability to more accurately dial in your damping

The Piston comes complete with:

  • Low friction glide ring
  • Full shim kit, with enough shims to create all of our suggested tunes
  • WPS Podium Piston Kit Decal

Compatible with Factory spec Fox X2 & DHX2 2021+. FOX Vanilla RC,  Rockshox Super Delux air/coil 2022+, Marzocchi Bomber CR.

WPS - Podium Piston Kit - Fox X2-1
WPS - Podium Piston Kit - Fox X2-2